Q&A: Jarmila Vlčková

Name: Jarmila Vlčková

Company: NGO AMITY

Title: World Music Festival Bratislava

Based in: Bratislava, Slovakia

What was your purpose for participating at Folk Spot 2023?

To see the showcase of Danish bands.

What trends and tendencies do you see in folk music right now?

The combination of folk music with modern elements.


What is your impression of the Danish folk scene versus folk music in Slovakia? (Differences and similarities)

According to what I was experiencing at Folk Spot, the Danish folk scene is influenced by Danish folk dances very much.
The Slovak folk music tradition has sources such – e.g. shepherd songs and tradition, Multipart singing from Horehron, Goral and Terchova tradition in the North of Slovakia, Ruthenian tradition in the Northern-East, Hungarian and Roma in the South, and many regional folk music with different instrumentation and dances as well. I think that the young generation’s attitude towards folk music is the same – respect and original approach.

Did you make some new contacts relevant for your future work?

Yes, thank you.


Which were the best musical experiences during Folk Spot Denmark and Tønder Festival?

For me the most original were Høst and AZUR AZUR.