Q&A: Ronja Lutz

Name: Ronja Lutz

Company: PROFOLK e.V.

Based in: Leipzig, Germany

What was your purpose for participating at Folk Spot 2023?

I wanted to get to know the Danish folk scene and learn more about music export, as well as meeting folky people and getting inspiration for my own work.

What trends and tendencies do you see in folk music right now?

In general, I see a (not necessarily new) trend towards fusing different styles and incorporating electronic elements into folk music. In connection with the balfolk scene, I also see more young people interested in different kinds of folk dance – in the German folk scene, this has led towards a higher focus on danceable music (which I think was already present in Denmark). A new trend I’m seeing is a connection between folk music and the climate movement, for example in new protest songs and the young Folk For Future movement.

Did you make some new contacts relevant for your future work?

Yes, definitely! I made three contacts that were interested in music exchange with us, and a few others that I could imagine asking for advice, since they’ve done similar things in other countries before.

Which were the best musical experiences during Folk Spot Denmark and Tønder Festival?

At Folk Spot, I most enjoyed Optur for their energy and the dance. Overall, I liked the Local Honeys and particularly enjoyed the Ladies’ Jam.