Simone Tang

You may know her from the Nils Malros film ‘Kærestesorger’, the concert performance with Peter Sommer and C.V. Jørgensen, as bass player for Ki! or know her vocal from the new Artigeardit record, but first and foremost, Simone Tang is a singer, songwriter and producer.
With over 640.000 streams on Spotify and shows at festivals such as SPOT, The Great Escape (UK) and Trans Musicals (FR), Simone Tang kicked off her solo career in 2019 with the debut single ‘Shame’, setting the tone for the following 4 self-written and -produced singles, the song ‘Feelings’ being the latest.

On Tang’s debut album we hear a new and more acoustic sound, stripped down to guitar and vocals. Inspired by the sound of 1940s french chansons, and songwriters like Paul Simon, Elizabeth Cotton, Nick Drake, Rodriguez, she writes of forbidden love, perfectionism, community and sibling relationships.