With flair for the new and love for the old, Svøbsk combines traditional folk music with original compositions resulting in a personal and vibrant expression. The band creates an enchanting and festive atmosphere and seeks affinity with their audience. Their music and songs are rooted in the flourishing heritage of traditional music from Denmark and the surrounding countries.
Over the past 20 years, the two folk musicians Maren Hallberg Larsen and Jørgen Dickmeiss have been fine tuning their empathetic interplay, released 6 albums, and performed an abundance of shows in and outside of Denmark. In 2023 they received a Danish Music Award for Roots Name of the Year.
On their latest album ‘Sorgenfri’ (2023) the band return to their original setup – two musicians coming together in their joint passion and shared fate. The album was featured as one of the 10 best album releases of 2023 by RadioFolk.