Trio Mio

Trio Mio plays music aiming to imbue Danish and Swedish music traditions with new life, combining a traditional and modern sound.
The full effect of the music reveals itself when the listener surrenders completely. It never gets monotonous; something unexpected is always happening.
A lovely, calm, and light melody suddenly gives way to fast, mischievous improvisations. Grumpy harmonies and dissonances break through. It is an exciting and refreshing initiative where you can never be sure what the next moment will bring. What you can be sure of, however, are intense, dexterous musical delicacies and pure lust that will make you smile. Trio Mio shows that folk music truly has life-affirming potential.
Trio Mio has been awarded 8 Danish Music Awards, most recently in 2019 when Kristine Heebøll received the award ‘Composer of the Year Folk/World’ for the songs on the album ‘Polyglot Pike’.