A show with Twang is unpredictable and filled with humor and warmth, as the three musicians gather around their shared microphone.
The line-up (guitar, violin, banjo, double bass and three-part harmonies) might be the essence of americana, but the trio is also renowned for mixing genres and eras, with everything from jazz to Appalachia music and violin based hiphop beats.
Twang is known for their authentic interactions with the audience and each other. It is not uncommon for their audience to get misty eyed and laugh out loud. The trio ties the songs together with musical overabundance, anecdotes and banter creating a vibrant concert experience.
Their own tracks contain everything from deep, raw melancholia to skipping, funny and satirical hits. And their interpretations of americana classics will blow the roof off the tent when they spice things up with their very own Twang!