Twang A show with Twang is unpredictable and filled with humor and warmth, as the three musicians gather around their shared microphone. The line-up (guitar, violin, banjo, double bass and three-part harmonies) might be the essence of americana, but the trio is also renowned for mixing genres and eras, with everything from jazz to Appalachia […]

Trio Mio

Trio Mio Trio Mio plays music aiming to imbue Danish and Swedish music traditions with new life, combining a traditional and modern sound. The full effect of the music reveals itself when the listener surrenders completely. It never gets monotonous; something unexpected is always happening. A lovely, calm, and light melody suddenly gives way to […]


Svøbsk With flair for the new and love for the old, Svøbsk combines traditional folk music with original compositions resulting in a personal and vibrant expression. The band creates an enchanting and festive atmosphere and seeks affinity with their audience. Their music and songs are rooted in the flourishing heritage of traditional music from Denmark […]

Som Os

Som Os The wide spanning folk-quintet Som Os beautifully showcases the range of folk music and the way it branches out into the genre horizon. You will be guided from rock/funk, through jazz, on towards the many different folk music traditions, that each of the musicians reflect through their own varied backgrounds.  The band has […]

Simone Tang

Simone Tang You may know her from the Nils Malros film ‘Kærestesorger’, the concert performance with Peter Sommer and C.V. Jørgensen, as bass player for Ki! or know her vocal from the new Artigeardit record, but first and foremost, Simone Tang is a singer, songwriter and producer.With over 640.000 streams on Spotify and shows at […]

Maja Kjær si Orkester

Maja Kjær si Orkester Step into a musical odyssey of fiery instrumental folk, written by the multiple award nominee, Maja Kjær. Her compositions emanate warmth and energy drawn from Maja’s childhood memories and an experience-packed life on tour. With cimbalom, tuba, percussion and fiddle, Maja has created a boundary-breaking orchestra that mixes Nordic crispness, Eastern […]